"Covering the head... is a demonstration of our awareness that there is something which is infinitely above our intellect, and symbolizes our humility and... yirat shamayim." (www.chabad.org/library/article.asp?AID=110373)

Why crochet kippot by hand?

Because a hand-made kippa is special. The loving care that goes into it cannot be compared with the mass-produced item, even if the pattern is identical. Each hand-made kippa is unique, with tiny imperfections that are as essential to its beauty as the lines and knots in wooden furniture. We believe that making a kippa by hand is a form of hiddur mitzvah.

Learning to crochet

This site does not teach you how to crochet. It assumes that you already know how to interpret the patterns and make kippot. If you don't, then it's worth finding someone to teach you - it's not easily learned from a book, although you might want to try the following websites:

Crochet video and instructions

Kippa base pattern (if you can already crochet)

What you'll find here

This site is a resource of photographs and patterns. It is intended for individuals only, so please don't use it if you're a company that mass-produces kippot. If you're crocheting by hand, but intend to sell your kippot, then please ask before using the designs.

The patterns are presented as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, so that they can be quickly adapted to your needs. For example, if you want to change all the blue stitches to green, press Ctrl with H ("Find and Replace"). Click the "Format..." button opposite "Find what", then the "Choose Format From Cell..." button at the bottom of the box, then click any blue square. Afterwards click the "Format..." button opposite "Replace with" and use the "Patterns" tab to choose green. (Instructions for Excel 2003 only. Other versions probably do something similar.)

Not all photos have matching spreadsheets available and not all spreadsheets have photos. For this we are sorry and ask that you contact us if you can help by filling in any of the gaps.